Continuing education & Professional Training       


  2020                               Psychology Courses Obtained through Coursera (Online Learning Platform):      


  •                                     Foundation of Positive Psychology- Specialisation,  University of Pennsylvania - See Certificate

  •                                     Social Psychology, Wesleyan University- In Progress 

  •                                     Psychological First Aid, Johns Hopkins University - See Certificate

  •                                       The Science of Well-being, Yale University - See Certificate

  •                                       Introduction to psychology, University of Toronto - See Certificate

OUTCOME:  Application of Psychological Theory in everyday life and through professional art practice. Preparing the base for the research question for the future PhD, teaching career. Starting an online blog focusing on positive psychology. 

  2018                                Performance and Dance courses at City Academy London, UK

  •                                    Performance and Creative Movement

  •                                    Contemporary Dance 

  •                                    Ballet

  •                                    Dance Foundation 

OUTCOME:  Exploring the body as an art medium. Creating movements based performances such as "Me too...we Too...", "FollowMe" and etc.

Ongoing research exploring the connection of the body and spiritual development/ Body and the Reality Construct. 

 2017                                          Art and Curation Courses at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London

  •                                      How To Become an Independent Curator

  •                                      Painting: the next step

OUTCOME Development of a Painting skills, Art theory and Curation. Producing extensive portfolio (oil paintings). Final curatorial project development in teams. Successful enrolment in a master program of the University Of the Arts London.    


 2017                                  Philosophy Courses (with credits) at Oxford University Department For Continuing Education 

  •                                     How can we live in Harmony? - pass/credits earned

  •                                     Applied Ethics - pass/credits earned

OUTCOME:  Meeting with the concepts of Consciousness, Awareness and Being. Development an interesting in Philosophy which lead to further self-learning in the field. Use of Philosophical concepts in future art practice and daily life. 

 2017                                  Politics and History Courses (with credits) at Oxford University Department For Continuing                                               Education 

  •                                     Current International Politics of the Middle East - pass/credits earned

  •                                     The Making of Britain - pass/credits earned

  •                                     Britain and the European Union - pass/credits earned

  •                                     International Relations and Contemporary Global Issues - pass/credits earned


OUTCOME:  Better understanding of cultural differences and adaptation to the life in the UK. Basic concepts of politics and international relationships. Interest in Philosophy. Developing a focus of the future art practice- human relationships.