#followme is an immersive live performance piece in collaboration with the wearable technology designer Hui Sim Chan.

“How are the memories from past experiences associate with the behavior we perform with our bodies? And, what is that makes humans human? ”

An immersive performance #FollowMe (part of Postopia: visions of technology ) integrates trans-humanism, human emotions, and a creative process.

In this collaborative project, I used the prototype of Hui Sim Chan body augmenting wearable technology, Neotony, which opened a new way humans creates and acts upon narratives. Neotony is a device which uses a personalized blend of scents to enhance memories and thus enrich a present experience. 

In a large room fully covered with white canvas, the traces of my movements were revealed by a UV light emphasizing an ephemeral nature of scents and memories triggered by them. 

I invited an audience to follow my very personal journey and revealed an emotional process of creation exaggerated by technology. 

A narrative emerged by following personalized scents like my partner's perfume which strongly connects to my personal memories. It naturally increased my body movements, emotions and motivation to create. 

This performance aimed to show the framework behind the work of art and human behavior as such as a product of experience. 

About Neoteny Prototype


'Neoteny, as an amplification device, uses bio-sensing to detect muscle activity levels to trigger the blending and delivery of personalised scents to the wearer. This has the effect of encouraging associative cross-sensory connections and acts as a memory reinforcement and retention paradigm.'

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