Please mind my personal space 

'Please mind...' is a live art piece in collaboration with Chiara Pellegrini performed at 'Postopia' exhibition at Ugly Duck Gallery.

I wanted to highlight a personal space awareness and simply talk to people about an issue. I was also fascinated by Tino Sigal's concept of constructed situations which arises from an interaction between the audience and the interpreters. 

Thus, I  collaborated with a performance artist Chaira Pellegrini and discussed with her the main ideas around personal space as physical, social, mental, digital, and cultural phenomena. Then, over a private view of Postopia exhibition, we tried to spark people's attention to this topic by simple engaging in a conversation and asking about personal preferences and experiences. 

We also created and distributed a relevant sticker to visualize an issue and were happy to find that many people were sharing it over a social network and taking the awareness further.