Combining performance art, installation and painting, I am (de)constructing surreal experiences to inspire involvement, reflection and change.

Audience becomes an object, raw human body, confounded with clay, feathers, plants, sound vibrations, UV lights, pieces of technology and all kind of objects. 

Evoking an uncertainty of relationships among people as well as between people and objects, I look for a space for a fresh connections to emerge. A space where serious merges playful, personal becomes universal and familiar resembles unfamiliar.


I am looking for a trigger, that one raw moment for you: accidental, improvised and intimate.The moment that feels like you forgot forever something which you thought was important. It feels like you are connected to everything through your breath. It just finally feels. Fully. 


b. 13th August 1995 in Stavropol, Russia

Lives and works in London, UK

2017 - 2019                        MFA Fine Arts 
                                           Wimbledon College of Arts, University of the Arts London
2011 - 2014                         Art and Humanities - Erasmus Exchange programme

                                           Kingston University London 

2013 - 2016                        BA Media and Communication, major Journalism and Communication
                                           Anglo-American University Prague, Czech Republic


Extra Courses               



  •                                     Performance and Creative Movement

  •                                     Contemporary Dance 

  •                                     Ballet

  •                                     Dance Foundation 

                                          City Academy London


  •                                      How To Become an Independent Curator

  •                                      Painting: the next step

                                           Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London


  •                                     How can we live in Harmony? - pass/credits earned

  •                                     Current International Politics of the Middle East - pass/credits earned

  •                                     The Making of Britain - pass/credits earned

  •                                     Britain and the European Union - pass/credits earned

  •                                     Applied Ethics - pass/credits earned

  •                                     International Relations and Contemporary Global Issues - pass/credits earned

                                          Oxford University Department For Continuing Education 



2020                                'Nothing is square Pt.2', Shipton Street gallery, London

                                          'Housekeeping!', Jeannie Avent Gallery, London

2019                                  'Sheroes Revoluciones', Ugly Duck Gallery, London  

                                          'Meet me at..' , pop-up exhibition, South East Cancer Help Centre, London

                                           MFA Fine Arts Degree Show, Wimbledon College of Arts

                                           'Fusion V', International Contemporary Art Show, Candid Arts Trust, London

                                           'Postopia', Ugly Duck, London                                        

2018                                   'Who Will Provide?', Crypt Gallery, London

                                           'Conflict', Chelsea College of Arts, London


Projects and Collaborations 


2019                                 “We two..we too” collaborate performance with practicing artist and ex-opera singer Phillipa Kate Weaver

                                          “FollowMe”collaborate immersive experience with wearable technology designer Hui Sim Chan

                                          ‘’Mind My Personal Space” collaborative performance with practicing artist Chiara Pellegrini

2018                                  Joining “Uncovered Collective” a group of artists which organises and curates art exhibitions



2020                                  " feels better now", Dwell Time Issue 2, Print Publication

2016                                   "Blind Musician Offers Great Artistic Insight", Lennon Wall Magazine 

Volunteer and Charity Experience

2019                                   Volunteer exhibition at South East Cancer Help Centre, London

                                           Volunteer and organization of the art workshops for kids, Wimbledon Chase Primary school, London

                                           Charity work at Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation, Karachi, Pakistan


Teaching and Mentoring experience 

2018-2019                          Peer mentoring sessions, Wimbledon College of Arts, London

                                            Art history and art making workshop for kids, Wimbledon Chase Primary school, London

2016-2017                          Administrator and English language tutor, Language Link School, Stavropol, Russia 


2018                                    Art Trainee, Bold Tendencies, London

2016                                    Journalist, Prague Post Newspaper, Prague, Czech Republic

2015                                    Journalist, Lennon Wall Magazine, Prague, Czech Republic