As a performance artist, I have been interested in the boundary between art and life.  In the era of internet, the line becomes less and less visible. For example, through the Instagram social network with its variety of sharing tools including live transmission, everybody is forced to be a performer.  

Alexandra Pirici discusses this topic at a Conference at the Studium Generale Rietveld Academie. She raises the question of de-skilling which favors a simpler, rougher way of performing instead of the complexity of education. 

Another interesting question focuses on how to validate this kind of art. Does the institution is the only way of claiming it? Or does my identity as an artist and conscious intention to take an action make it an art piece? 

During my trip to Karachi, Pakistan I was lucky to spend a couple of days at Sidh Institute of Urology and Transplantation, country’s largest public sector health organization, meet the founder, chat with patients and donate toys to kids. It was an awakening experience, influencing my values and pushing me to explore the border between art and life.